What’s the best way to find the used vehicle that’s right for you? One option is to seek out private sellers by looking at online classifieds and other ads. Another approach is to head to the nearest reputable dealership to explore their used inventory.

There are several key differences and benefits to buying your used car from a dealership. Let’s take a look below:

4 Reasons to Choose a Dealership

1) With a dealership, you get better selection

Looking to compare different makes and models? Or want to see if your preferred vehicle is available in multiple colors and trims? When you shop used cars for sale at a dealership, you’ll have an entire inventory at your disposal. Having a large, diverse inventory is something private sellers lack, so you have fewer choices and less chance of finding the perfect fit.

2) It’s easy to assess a dealership’s reputation

Want to be sure the person you’re buying from is professional and doing business in good faith? You can always verify a dealership’s credentials and reputation by consulting Google reviews and its affiliations with professional organizations. When you buy from a private seller, you have fewer methods of assessing their trustworthiness and generally have to take them at their word about the history of the vehicle you’re looking at.

3) Dealerships offer a wider range of services

Don’t forget that when you buy from a dealership, you get more than just used cars for sale. You also get access to a service center, professional financing department, and more. These services and amenities can make the vehicle purchasing experience much smoother and provide the flexibility and assurances you need to drive away with confidence.

4) Many dealerships offer CPOs

Certified pre-owned vehicles, or CPOs, typically have low mileage and are in good shape overall. These vehicles sometimes come with extended warranties, as well. They can be a great way of getting the best value from your next used vehicle. This is an option only possible through a dealership.

Shop at Our Used Car Dealership in Los Angeles

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